Available at: You can join by clicking this link. Once you are in… browse and join channels. Configure your account, set your notifications. Managing and creating channels: open and private. Search is key! Pinning key entries. Mattermost works well on mobile devices, and has Android, iOS, and Desktop applications.


Recommended: WordPress Powerful, flexible, customizable. The installation is ad and tracker free, hosted on BCNet EduCloud servers. It provides access to a wide range of premium themes and plugins (added features). Among the plugins are the Aesop Story Engine (example: Counting the Dead). Also, H5P.  (TRU examples).


AV equipment can be borrowed from the Library. You can do so much with a mobile device. You can do so much with found footage.   Editing suites: Mac (iMovie) or Windows (Movie Maker). More options. Cloud-based: WeVideo.   Sourcing: On fair dealing: ( Teachers and students may use and modify copyrighted works for […]